What kind of brand is this?

Hello, I would like to know what type of brand this is and maybe you can help me determine what it has function (83 100 EZY)?

Thanks for helping.


The device appears to be National Semiconductor (now TI) DS80PCI402SQ/NOPB. Its function is as described in the associated datasheet.

Thank you. You are the best.

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Hi ulrich_fuchs

If you are referring to the cylindrical part with markings -


It is an aluminum electrolytic capacitor of value 100uF and 25V (that’s what the “E” stands for). The “ZY” is the particular series, but I can’t ID who makes it.

Thanks, too. Can I write to you if I have any further questions?

Hi @ulrich_fuchs , please reply to this post with further questions on this topic, or feel free to create a new question post if you have a different topic.