What resistor to use in a Philips remote control

Hi peeps,

As you can see there are gunky parts on this remote control board thanks to a leaky AA battery, while the other parts are working fine, I do need to replace the light blue/stripy resistor which is facing upwards…as you can maybe tell it has snapped off!
There are no markings on them to easily identify a replacement, so I am seeing all kinds of variations with different ohms and watts; can anyone please point me to a suitable replacement?

Many thanks in advance

The Brown-Black-Red will be 1000 ohms (1K ohms), and a gold band at the end is 5% tolerance, and a Silver band is 10%. The match for the better 5% tolerance is 2019-CF1/4CT52A102JCT-ND, which is a 1/4W rated.


Thank you again David

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