What's the Capacitor and Voltage Rating on these?

Hello all.

Could you please identify the voltage and capacitance on these?

So Why no polarity painting on these?

It says like:
① □58k 22 50V

② □4nj 1 50V

Thank you in advance!

Hi Street, Welcome!

These are probably non-polarized caps (also referred to as “bi-polar”). More likely so if this is an audio board, but that is not the only place they are used.

I don’t know who made these but I would assume the larger one is 22uF 50V and the smaller is 1uF 50V. The other markings are likely lot codes.

Assuming they are non-polarized, here are a few caps to consider:

732-8328-1-ND 22uF 50V non-polarized capacitor

PCE4301CT-ND 1uF 50V non-polarized capacitor

You will want to verify dimensions to make sure they fit on the same footprint as you have. By the way, the image we have for the 732-8328-1-ND shows a polarizing mark. That is a generic image rather than the actual part. The actual part does not have this polarizing mark.

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