When logged in, prefill chat request information


When I am logged into MyDigikey, I shouldn’t have to retype my basic contact information into the form to initiate a chat with a representative.


Hello @slawek,

Thank you for the feedback. I will forward a note to my web team.



Used the chat again today, and learned that the chat rep doesn’t look at what’s typed in. This is an annoyance to reiterate certain things.

Segment of my chat with DigiKey representative.

I typed in my email and details when I started the chat session, do you see that info?

xxxxxxxx at 13:41, Sep 13:It is hidden, I did locate it but it isn’t readily available without going to a separate place. Many ppl do not provide it, so that’s why I asked, out of habit.


Hello @slawek,

I have forwarded this comment to the appropriate department.

Thank you