Where can I find an actuator button for this switch?

I’m planning on using this D16EET11 switch to allow me to determine whether power goes to one set of LED strip lights, or another (both are installed in my kitchen and controlled off a dimmer switch which connects to a LED driver outputting 24V).

This particular switch doesn’t come with an actuator/button. Can anybody advise on where or how to find a button that will fit this switch? I’m totally new to this type of work and am not sure where to start.


Hello IronLion, welcome to the Forum community! The switch caps for the series are listed on page 6 of the datasheet . We carry some of the 50-002- and the 50-003-. These are not in stock, but can be ordered. If you see others on the page that you would prefer, we can order for you.

Thank you Jenny!

If I were to order some, do you have any sense of how long they would take to arrive? I only need three…