Where can I purchase these 'ACF' cables?

The picture here shows what we refer to as an ACF cable in our lab. It consists of straight, parallel silver lines spaced 0.25mm apart on a thin polymer. We use it to bond circuits for flexible electronics (usually 200nm thick copper) by aligning the ACF cable lines with the lines on the flexible circuit and then applying heat and light pressure with a curling iron at 375°F for a minute to secure the bond.

Unfortunately, I recently learned that the company that supplied us with this ACF cable has shut down, and I am having difficulty finding a replacement. I am also unable to find the name of the original supplier. If anyone knows of a similar product and where it can be purchased, your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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I’m not sure who would sell this type of cable. We carry FFC, FPC cable here. That would be the closest option we have.