Which offers better uniform color saturation white on Tunable led's?

I setting up a home theatre room which will be a reading room in the day.

Since Tunable white led’s mix warm and a cool white color channels to create different kelvin light, ive noticed there is some “Bleed” where the partially unmixed parts of light can be visible, when reflected on a floor or wall.

Is a more uniform light produced if the mix of warm and cool temperature range is smaller?
IE a 2700+5000K CCT White Led will produce more uniform light than a 2700+6500 CCT Led?

Thanks for any suggestions.

A smaller temperature range like 2700K + 5000K should indeed produce a more uniform light compared to 2700K + 6500K. It’s all about minimizing that “bleed” effect. So go for the one with a closer match in temperatures for a smoother overall lighting experience in your home theater/reading room.


Thank you for your response.

(Digikey is out of stock of the 2700-5000K cobs so i might have to settle with 2700-5000K)

In your Opinion, would the 2 COB’s ( 2700-5000K & 2700-6500K ) side by side illuminating at 3500K show a noticeable difference in “Bleed” effect?

The “bleed” effect one might encounter with tunable light fixtures isn’t really a function of the CCT spread of the emitters used, so much as it’s a result of geometry and the fact that the two emitters are physically separate. Reducing the distance between them is the primary means by which one would go about reducing it.