I need a tunable cob in the 7200k range

Does anyone recommend a COB LED that has 340nm to 780nm that is tunable ie variable up to a 7200k color range?

Hi @Matt_mjr,

We do not offer anything with that extremely broad range of wavelengths at this time. The closest we offer are some COB LEDs with dual die formats which include both 2700K and 6500K “white” CCT dies. The CCT can be varied between 2700K and 6500K via relative current control of each die.

Thanks David. Is there a dual output driver that controls that at 1000ma?

The Helvar
Only support 700ma

-Regards, Matt

Hi Matt,

The nearest thing we have in stock is the 976-BXDR-30BT-U214P-01-A-ND. However, it’s max power is 30W, so if your LED voltage is higher than 30V, it will not be able to provide the full 1000mA. We do have a 60W version on order which would be capable of providing more than 1000mA up to 57V - the 976-BXDR-60BT-U220P-01-A-ND - but we have not yet received stock.

Both of these require a separate controller module to control the drive level of both channels. There are several controller options, depending on which protocol you prefer to use. Here are the options: