Wifi and keyboard issue on wandboard with debian9


I’m following the instruction on wiki to install debian9 on my wandboard quadplus revD1, and I encounter some problem.

I use ifconfig -a to check the wireless interface, but I only see the ethernet interface. And also dmesg | grep brcm print nothing.

After checking the install instructions, I discover that the firmware I am install is for bcm4329 & bcm4330,
but WiFi chip on wandboard quadplus revD1 is bcm4339.

How can I install the right firmware?

Another problem is, when I installed lxqt, I can see the login screen and I can see the clock on screen is still working but keyboard and mouse do not work, but after I use init 3 from rs232 console, keyboard is working perfectly.

Does anybody know how to fix this probrem?

@John_Doe, for the revD1 we need a couple things:

Patch the rfkill driver:

and find the correct firmware: (which isn’t currently hosted here yet…)

Last i checked mouse/keyboard was working in lxqt… Can you please test this image:



wget https://rcn-ee.net/rootfs/bb.org/testing/2018-11-25/stretch-lxqt-xm/debian-9.6-lxqt-xm-armhf-2018-11-25.tar.xz
tar xf debian-9.6-lxqt-xm-armhf-2018-11-25.tar.xz
cd ./debian-9.6-lxqt-xm-armhf-2018-11-25/
sudo ./setup_sdcard.sh --mmc /dev/sdX --dtb wandboard


PS, keyboard might be fixed via:

sudo depmod -a
sudo update-initramfs -ck `uname -r`
sudo reboot


After apply the instructions above with my original image, keyboard and mouse are working now.
Thank you very much!

But about WiFi problem, It seems rfkill patch are already patched by build_kernel.sh, and also I can found brcmfmac4339-sdio.bin under /lib/firmware/brcm/

Still no idea why WiFi not working…

@John_Doe, the rfkill_wandboard driver doesn’t work for the RevD, because it currently only supports RevB and RevC. RevD support still has to be added. Looking thru my collection at work, i only have RevA/RevC’s, my RevD must be at home.


It is OK with only ethernet support for my project, at least keyboard and mouse is working now.

Really thanks for your help!