Wilcox accelerometer mounting studs

I need to get part numbers and pricing for several wilcox mounting studs. 1/4-28 one end 3/8-16 other end.
PCB-B12 & B31

mike1, I am sorry Wilcox is not one of our venders and we do not have a substitute.

Hi Mike1,

I’m guessing you might mean “Amphenol Wilcoxon” rather than “Wilcox”. Assuming that, I checked their mounting stud offerings and it does not look like they make one which has 1/4-28 on one end and 3/8-16 on the other end.

The nearest I found was the Model SF20-1, which has 1/4-28 threads on one end and 3/8-24 threads on the other end. Even at that, we do not normally stock this part either, though we could do a non-stock order, subject to Wilcoxon’s MOQ and lead-times.

Here’s where I found the Wilcoxon offerings.

After checking for alternatives, I don’t believe we carry such a part from any vendor. Additionally, I was not able to find such a combination of thread sizes via Google, so that combination seems to be quite rare.