Surface mount, 30 pin, 0.8mm pitch connector

This item is form a German manufactured mixing desk.
Looking for a matching opposite gender for testing and repair.
30 pin
0.8 mm pitch
Surface mount on PCB.

Hi Mark,
Thanks for the post. I checked our product and wasn’t able to find any options to offer for this. Do you have a more precise way to measure the pitch to verify it’s 0.8mm? I found part A111162CT-ND which is similar but the pitch is 0.5mm. Are there any markings on the connector besides what is visible on the top such as letters, numbers, symbols?

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It looks to me like the TE Connectivity (formerly AMP) Fine Stack series. Unfortunately, we do not stock them anymore and they are all either obsolete or pending obsolete.

There are several variations of mates with different stack heights, mating contact material (looks like yours is tin), and mounting boss option (circular plastic protrusion which fits into hole drilled into circuit board).

The mate you are looking for is something like the 3-179397-0 but I was not able to find anyone who carried this part.

If you are out of other options, there is a slim possibility that you might be able to hack something together by replacing both connectors with the following JAE connectors:



They share the same pin pitch, and therefore might match up with your board, but any mounting bosses and other dimensions are not the same. I would only try this if you have no other options and you are fairly desperate.

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Hello Steve,
I used a vernier caliper to measure the total distance between the first and fifteenth pin to be 11.2mm. By my calculations of 11.2 / 14 (spaces) = 0.8 mm. I do not have a more precise method of measurement. It is not even close to 0.5 mm. The first photo has a ruler with millimeter measurements. the total footprint of the connector is 16.25 by 6.5 mm. There is not a lot of room for logos. The A and the unusual marking on the other end is all I have to go on.
Thanks or you good work.

Hell David_1528,
The 3-179397-0 is exactly what I am looking for. Thanks for the identification. A unit price of $5.57 and postage of $50 will make the cost to me of $100AUD. I will do some real soul searching to justify this outlay. Thanks again.


Just checked the minimum order cost. I will be looking for an alternative. The KX15-30K3DE looks quite promising.
Thanks again.