Will a USB C 3.2 rated receptacle carry a USB4 (40Gb) signal

I need a USB C vertical mount receptacle that will work as a USB4. IOW pass 40Gb. The UJ40-C-V-G-SMT-TR and the 12402082E512A are rated USB4 but will not fit.
The Amphenol 10132328, GCT USB4070-30-C, USB4115, Molex 2047110001 will fit but are only USB C 3.2 (10-20Gb)
My understanding is the receptacles do not have chips in them so as long as they fit and have the necessary 24 pin pinout, then it should work. The limiting factors are the cable/plug assembly and what’s ahead of the receptacle on the board. I’ve done some research and I have not found anything that contradicts this.
I read Art Pini’s article How to Meet New USB4 Gen 3 Type-C Reliability and Signal Integrity Requirements on your site so I feel confident he or someone there can answer this question.

Hello dan.cross and welcome to the forum.

There are no connection changes between USB4 and USB 3 C, so the end user isn’t going to notice any difference. The primary change in your scope would be on the controller and the tolerancing on the connector, vendors like Amphenol and Molex will certify their parts to the USB4 specification and to assure you they will fit the performance thresholds.

As far as what we have at the time of writing the UJ40-C-V-G-SMT-TR would be the only in stock part I can offer that fits vertical USB4 connector description, I imagine more will be available in due time as the technology becomes more common.

It is possible that other connectors in the 3.X space with some luck would work, but I don’t believe you would be able to certify them as such without the whole chain of parts being certified to work on USB4. If you want to read more on the process for USB4 compliance I cannot recommend enough that you read into USB’s Compliance landing page

Thanks! You confirm my suspicions. I see some new dielectric specs regarding the ground plane between the rows on the tongue of the receptacle but no other changes. I am sure everyone will just test and recertify most of the old 3.2 receptacles.

Oh yes, and BTW it for a repair job so it doesn’t need certification.