USB C Receptacles

Hi, I`m looking for these teal/green colored USB receptacles similar to those used in power banks with USB Quick Charge, USB PD

at 10mm height/length. Anyone with the part number or link to both USB A and USB C?

Welcome to the TechForum I am sorry the color of USB parts is not a searchable parameter You would be able to narrow the search by the parameters and then check datasheets to identify color if available.


Thank you for asking this question. Quinn is correct when he says that we cannot search specifically by color. It should however be noted that the different color ports having different attributes. Searching out the proper attributes will help weed out the inappropriate options.

The Green/Teal color that you are referencing would indicate they are meant to meet a USB 3.1 standard. What is more of a problem here is that USB board mount connectors come in many different pin configurations. Without being able to visually see the connectors you are after there is not anyway we can get close to any options.

With that said, you can click the link below to get to the category of which we have these listed so you can see what is available.

I do hope this helps.

Click here to see the options

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