Wire to wireless

I have a customer who wants help designing a wireless system instead of a cable system for his company’s gate station.

“The system I am working with is an Aiphone model LEF-10S the wire between the gate station and the inside master station wire is damage under ground , need to see if there is a wireless
Transmitter and receiver that can go between the gate station and master station”
2 LEF-10, 3 LE-D.pdf (8.1 KB)

Any idea what hardware protocol(s) is(are) used for the data transfer?
That will get us the electrical characteristics.

Then we’d need the data packet(s) format specification, is that available?

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Looking at the documentation for the unit, it would not be possible to convert this to a wireless system without designing an intelligent interface device on each end which would interpret the signals, create a proprietary data packet format to transmit wirelessly, decode that format on the other end, and reproduce the original electrical signals on the other end.

This could only be done by an electronics design consulting company for many tens of thousands of dollars. Therefore, I would recommend you either replace the damaged cable or find and install a different system which is inherently wireless, as either of these options would be far less expensive and almost certainly give superior results.