Xbox Series X EMI Filters

I’m looking for some Replacement Transient Suppression Diodes (EMI Filters) for the Xbox Series X. These are supposedly universal components used in tons of other devices. You can find people that say you can get them from Digikey but I have no clue how to find them. I’ve attached the best pictures I could get. The bottom side is damaged on one of the two post from where it got knocked off but you get the idea. There’s a line and number 7 on the back of them.

0004.bmp (4.9 MB)
0006.bmp (4.2 MB)


A search for “transient suppression diode” should summon the TVS (Transient Voltage Suppression) diode family, where products of the type are generally found. They serve a different function than items called “EMI filters” and because the search works on an exclusion basis (the more you type, the fewer results you get) you’re likely to not find much if your query incorporates both ideas.

The 2-pin sorts come in uni-or bi-directional flavors, depending on whether the electrical behavior is or isn’t dependent on polarity, respectively. Your device seems to have a polarity mark, suggesting a unidirectional (asymmetric) type.

One then selects on the basis of reverse standoff voltage; a value slightly above the normal voltage level in the circuit is chosen. For example, a 5V logic circuit might use a protection diode with a 5.5v reverse standoff value.

Selecting on the basis of package and mounting type will also limit the result set quite quickly, and you’re likely to want something that’s available from stock. Filtering along these lines leads to this set of results to whittle down further. Getting specific about package sizes will make that happen quickly…

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find a product series datasheet with a table of markings to help confirm the identification; if you’re unlucky, you’ll just have to pick an option based on measurements of the circuit in question, other third-party information, etc.

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From searching - one of the forums stated 478-10590-1-ND should work. Can’t guarantee this is the correct part but checking the specifications - this should work, but you’ll want to verify the physical size.

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Thanks for the info! I think I’ve whittled it down to something that will work with this. Thanks again!

Thanks. Ill probably order one of these too to try. I appreciate it!