Looking to identify this MicroChip (picture attached)

It is used for HPD signaling of the HDMI on an Xbox system. I just do not know how to find it on DigiKey for purchase.

Initially from the brief description and markings I was thinking it may possibly be an HDMI2C1-14HD from STMicroelectronics, however it does not seem to match the markings in the DataSheet. You don’t happen to have a clearer picture or dimensions on the chip by chance?

This is the BGA pads view on a broken chip.
Caliper read 1.5mm by 2mm


Take a look at 497-18242-1-ND it is the only HDMI related part from ST I see in the 12 Position.


Robert you are great! I think this is it. We will order and try them out. Thank you for the help!

Hey TDR, did you get any yet? If yes would you mind sharing your exprience?

Sloth Smith