Downloaded X-CTU to laptop and asking for Download new versions, unable to do so. Necessary?

Using Digi Xtend Send & Receive units, which come default at 9600 Baud Rate, We need them at 4800 Baud Rate & been unable to change for our use. From Computer sending to receiver, we can see the signal going to our Citizen slip printer, how prints in unknown characters. Hard wire unit then readable, so we believe we just need to understand how to change to 4800 Baud Rate & we would be good to go. Thanks in Advance.
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You may not need to update. Are you able to open XCTU? If so, what version is running? Have you referred to Digi’s Xtend user manual at * XTend vB PKG RS232/485 User Guide ? Page 34 covers XCTU, you will need to change the BD setting to 4800 baud. XCTU user guide is at * XCTU Configuration & Test Utility Software User Guide . Regards, Scott

Thanks for the information, downloaded XCTU & updated one of two units, changed Baud Rate to 4800, tested for our use of Wireless slips from point to point, works Great. Thanks so much for your quick response and assistance today.