YetiBorg v2 setup and system

I have the YetiBorg v2 built, but I have no idea on how to set up the control system, or the Raspberry Pi with a computer. The instructions at [PiBorg | YetiBorg v2 - Getting Started] make no sense. Any answers on how to do this?

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Here’s the official getting started info for Raspberry Pi’s

For YetiBorg specific issues, you’ll likely get the best help at the official YetiBorg forum

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Ok. Does the YetiBorg v2 - 4WD Robot Kit (Includes Raspberry Pi Zero) have Wi-Fi support, how do I connect it to the internet?

Hi @srs27 , the “Raspberry Pi Zero” does not include “WiFI” support, you’ll need the " Raspberry Pi Zero W" for that…


@RobertCNelson . So I have the Raspberry Pi Zero v1.3, which is the second version… so I’ll need a WiFi dongle to connect to the internet. Correct?

@RobertCNelson . Also since I have the Raspberry Pi Zero and not the Raspberry Pi Zero W, can I still connect to a joystick controler? And If not then how do I control the robot?

Based On the PiBorg docs, you need to either swap to the Wireless version of the Pi, or one of there supported adapters…


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