14SOIC with Power / Gnd in middle?

I am trying to pin down an IC that is used in a timer circuit that takes a touch button input to sequence an output ON status which toggles through 2 hrs, 4 hrs and 8 hrs, OFF. I can not find markings on the IC, but note that the power and ground are in the middle of the device, rather than on pin 1 and 14.ChipMatch

Any help on the series of this device would be much appreciated.

Power/Ground on 4/11 is a common pin-out for quad op-amps e.g. LM324.

Interesting Paul,
Thank you for the insights. I am not sure if op amps would provide the needed timer logic, but I will follow that thread.

Is there a microcontroller series that also has this power scheme?

All the 14 pin micros I’ve seen use 1/14 or 14/13.

The unusual pattern of 4/11 on quad Op-amps is so that all four outputs can be at the corners of the package which helps in circuit layout.

Although not seen often anymore, using Op-amps as astable multivibrators is a classic Op-amp application.