1530 ICs can somone help pls

i tried to find this ics


The โ€œ0201โ€ is most likely the EIA date code, first week of 2002.

So looking for 8 pin SOIC packaged ICโ€™s with โ€œ1530โ€ in the part number gives me the TEA1530 from NXP. Thatโ€™s a power supply chip that connects to line voltage via a bridge rectifier and it was discontinued in 2010.
NXP has a suggested replacement but it is not a drop in replacement so wonโ€™t work for your repair.

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Unfortunately we simply do not have enough information to locate this exact part.
As Paul mentioned, it is very likely the TEA1530 from NXP based on the package and marking.
However, we do not have this part as it is discontinued and it seems that its replacement is also no longer manufactured.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

hi paul

thanks for you answer.
im sorry but i think is not TEA1530.
the size pack is bit different : 8 leads; 1.27 mm pitch; 4.9 mm x 3.9 mm x 3.2 mm
The component is slightly higher than the standard SO8 (SOT96-1).
In addition, I have a number of components in the circuit and leg number 1,2 is not shorted (VCC/GND)
is very strange.