636L3C001M250 ALT & LG L29K-G2J1-24-Z ALT

Hello…I am currently in a BIND over the above listed parts. I need to find a replacement for BOTH of these…and the they are the only things holding me up. Can you please help me with this?
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Hi Patti, welcome to tech forum! I am sorry, we don’t have an alternate for 636L3C001M250, nothing in that frequency and size at all. We do carry LG L29K-G2J1-24-Z and have stock you can order as little as one piece. Link below. Are you still needing a sub for it? Glenda

LG L29K-G2J1-24-Z

Hi patti.crone,

For the 636L3C001M250, I would suggest you consider a programmable oscillator. We can program a blank oscillator to operate at almost any frequency (within a min and max range). For your particular part, which is specified for 1.25MHz oscillation, I would suggest the following:


It has the same footprint, pinout, and very similar electrical characteristics.

To order, I believe all you have to do is add it to your cart and specify the frequency you need (1.25MHz in this case) in the notes section.

Perfect…I just ordered the part # ‎SG-8018CB-TJHPC-ND‎ and requested that they program them to 1.25MHz

Many thanks for your help!

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