9V Battery Clip with 1mm diameter wire?

Hello, I’m interested in sourcing a typical I-type vinyl 9V battery clip with wire termination. However, it will be used with the Molex Picoblade system, and therefore, must have small overall wire diameter. I’ve found the typical UL1007 26 AWG wire has insulation that is too thick, and is often cut by the terminals when crimping. Do you have a supplier who can provide these cost-effective battery clips with a UL1061 26 AWG wire termination instead? Or a similar solution that has a wire diameter that is at maximum 1mm?


Let me do some checking on this. I will let you know what I find out.I see the options we sell have the UL1007.

Hey there! Any updates?


No. I am sorry. I have not seen this come back yet. Becuase this could be a custom order, they do take longer to get back. I apologize about the delay.

No problem! I was just curious. Ill check back in about a week or so.

Hey there! Just checking in to see if there are any updates.


I have not heard anything back. My suggestion on this one is to send the e-mail with the part number you are using to orders@digikey.com. Provide the information you have given. Also provide the quantity needed and for how many years. Usually if we have the additional infomation , we can get some sort of response. Right now we might not be getting anything back as it is a blanket request. This way we can do a direct e-mail to the Supplier you are using at this time to see if they will accomodate this type of request.