A note on using 3 Phase power with an AC/DC converter

AC/DC converters messauge AC waves to a clean rectified DC wave depending on the specifics of the unit. Every now and again we get the question " Can I use a 3 phase AC input with my AC/DC supply".

I would first point you to a dedicated 3 Phase AC/DC supply from our catalog. These will accept a 3 phase AC input and operate with the specified DC output.

If you are attempting an aftermarket solution you will want to consider consolidating your power into a single phase via a 3 phase rectifier. This will allow you to use a properly specified DC/DC converter and go from there. An advantage of this method is you still get the benefit of a balanced 3 phase system, as the rectified signal uses all three phases.

Using a single phase AC/DC supply is not recommended, but, you can splice one of the phases and use that for your last mile. Just note that you will have to properly load the other two phases or the system won’t be stable at the point of generation. I don’t recommend even considering this option however, you will get a much cleaner and easier to maintain system by using a dedicated 3 phase AC/DC supply.