We are planning to use the A10XSR10 pre-built cable assembly in a tight space in our design. The cable will take an immediate 90 degree turn so I would like to know the following to see if this is okay:

  1. It seems to use 36 AWG wire based on the part number. Can someone please confirm this and also tell me what the stranding scheme is? I assume 7/40, but finer would be better.
  2. What is the jacket material and thickness?
  3. What is the minimum bend radius coming out of the back of the JST connector?

Thank you,

The wire is UL11136, 36 AWG (7 / 0.05mm²). Here is the manufacturer’s document with more information on that cable assembly.

XSR Mating Method CHM-1-2209 R1.pdf|attachment (284.9 KB)