Looking for a version of JST VAR-2 or sockets for same who can take #10 wire

Hi, a customer is looking to mate to a JST B2P3-VH on our power supply with #10 wire. VAR-2 seems to suggest a contact SVA-41T-P1.1 but it’s only for #18-20 wire. Is there an alternate connector housing which may mate to this which accepts #10 conductors in the sockets?

If not, is there an alternate to JST B2P3-VH which has similar PCB mounting which mates to something which can take #10 wire? We have limited board space so need something close.


I haven’t found anything yet. Why such heavy gauge wire? The recommended mounting hole for the JST B2P3-VH is 1.65mm, which is about the diameter of a 14AWG wire. You can’t exceed the current rating of the connector, so there is not a need for such a large wire.

If the wire is already present, then perhaps the solution is to make a wire harness which steps down from the larger wire to a smaller one, which can then handle the VAR-2 connector?

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I would agree with David’s thoughts, and add that there is not much available right now in terms of 2-position headers with a pitch between 7.62 and 8mm at all… The Hirose Enerbee22 might be an option as it is designed for currents of the sort that would require a 10AWG conductor, however it’s on last time buy status, is a right-angle form factor, and the corresponding housing and contacts may be difficult to acquire.

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