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Hi there,

I am wondering if you have a suitable shut off switch with min 144V and 500 amp. I found this Airpax model online: JRE-2-0-SW-3-B1-150 but you list it as out of stock or obsolete. But it is an example of what I have in mind. Can you suggest something suitable?


how about a relay contractor Click Here

Actually, I have that directly up stream from where I want this positive cut-off. Needs to be manual type flip or quick dial switch.


This switch is from my boat. 97 SeaRay Mercruiser 3.0LX. Do you have a switch that will work for my needs? A direct replacement? Thanks.

Weclome to the techncial forum. I am sorry. Without any part number to look up a data sheet. We would not be able to provide a direct replacment. Though I have went through the list and do not find any that have the configuration that you have. You can look through the list and see if I missed something.


To me it does not appear we have this one.

Thanks for replying so quickly. I believe the oem part number is 87-19752A3 and it says McGill on it.