Amatuer radio HF power plug

Looking for part numbers for MOLEX style 4 pin connector for HF Amateur radio. YAESU MALE plug, female pins.

Hello kc9nro,

Do you have pictures with measurements you can share for what you’re looking for? If you can share them with us, we might be able to narrow down some of the options to find what you’re looking for. Otherwise these options are about as close as we’re going to be able to get.

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Here are some pictures. I will get some measurements later
Thank you

Although we do not have the HF4SOC listed in the article on your screenshot, we do have some that might fit depending on the measurements. You will find those options HERE.

One thing we want to be cognizant of is if there is any keying that might otherwise prevent mating. In the last picture it looks like there might be some keying on the right sides of the connector. Can you confirm this?

Here are some pictures with dimensions

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Thank you for the measurements; because they’re not a caliber reading and rely on relative position I cannot absolutely guarantee the correct part, however I believe that part number 455-3605-ND actually matches what we’re looking at. It has the proper keying, the locking mechanism matches, and it looks to be the right dimensions. If you decide to go with this connector, please note that the female socket contacts,455-2376-1-ND, are sold separately.