Amphenol 5/8 X 27 microphone adapter for Ronette Microphone

Dear Members.
I am looking for a connector for a Ronette R474 Microphone.
So far, I’ve found some stuff on the internet,
(such as " amphenol 5/8 X 27 microphone adapter ") which also brought me here.
The thing is, I don’t know what exactly I’m looking for : I see tons of pictures that all
“look a bit like it might be what I need” …
Anyone who could help me out ?

Welcome to the forum.

I can’t find any reference for the specific connector on this microphone. There were quite a few different connectors used early last century but eventually everybody standardized on XLR for balanced, and 1/4" phone for unbalanced, studio/stage microphones.

Depending on the usage there are many solutions. For studio/stage usage, I’d simply cut off the old cable and solder on a modern connector. If my purpose was to just test that it works, I’d use clip leads to connect it to test gear. I only would look to buy/build an adapter if the goal was to be able to use it while somewhat preserving the antique value (usage decreases the value).

If you’ve got links to photos or more information on the connector that would help me provide a better answer.