Suitable Replacement Connector for Vintage Audio Synthesizer

I am searching for a replacement to the type of connectors in the photos. The posts they connect to are 1 mm thick and their spacing (inside measured) is 2.7 mm. The entire connector is 23.8 mm and has 6 positions. Any help is much appreciated.

Hello twar97 - welcome to the Forum community. I was not able to identify any connectors with a 2.7mm lead spacing - I wonder if it could have been 2.54mm spacing? These are the options we have in 2.54mm spacing. If none of these look like your connector, could you post a photo showing the mating face of the connector? Is it male or female? Is there any lettering or numbering on the part?

It could be 2.54 mm spacing, it’s a little hard to get an exact measurement because the pins it mounts to are just those straight posts on the second picture above. The connector is female. It doesn’t have any manufacturing codes, it’s from a 1970’s synthesizer so it’s probably long out of production. It looks like some of the options you linked are close enough that they could work.

If it’s a USA designed and/or manufactured product from before the turn of the century, then it is almost certainly 0.1" pin spacing (2.54mm).

Prior to this century almost all components and PCB layout in the USA was done in mils. 100 mils (0.1") was the standard spacing for most connectors and integrated circuits.

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