Amplifying power using the TPA3116


I’m working on a project where I have to create a power amplifier that can run between 12 and 48 volts. I am planning to use TPA3116. I’ve made a small prototype, and it’s working well for me.

Now that I’m considering turning it into a product, I have to design a PCB for it, and I’m a little puzzled because I want to make sure it’s right. I’d hate to ship it with flaws.

I looked online, and this pattern is the closest I could find:

However, as you can see, it has a dual mode, when I prefer a single one. Since I wish to elevate it to 48V from its current operating range of 12 to 24, I believe I need to strengthen the protection.

So, my request is for someone to give me the full design or some related designs so I can study them and then implement them personally.


Hi kelly.greene0805,

Looking at the datasheet, the first thing I notice is that it recommends a maximum supply voltage of 26V for the part. 48V is well above even it’s absolute maximum rating of 30V, and one should never bring it near that level.

When you say “dual mode”, are you referring to stereo, as in left and right channels, and you want to run it in mono mode? Assuming so, you connect the inputs and outputs as described on page 24 of the datasheet, but you still power it the same, as in no higher than 26V.

In regard to design examples, we sell the TPA3116D2EVM and the User’s Guide for it gives recommended schematic, layout, and B.O.M. for your review.

Thank you very much David.

So, I just want to get something clear. You’re recommending that I don’t go above the 26V. But, what if I want to? Are there any twitches I could make to the design? Also, what other development board could I use instead of TPA3116D2EVM?

Correct, regarding the voltage. The TPA3116 will be damaged if powered above 26V. The only way to use that part with higher voltages would be to use a DC-DC converter to bring the voltage down to 26V or less.

For instance, the DC-DC converter below can take a voltage between 9V and 53V and output a voltage between 5V and 28V, set by an external resistor.

I7C4W012A050V-003-R - DC-DC converter, 300W, 9V - 53V input, 5V - 28V output

Other boards using the TPA3116 (both still limited to 26V):

MPAB1X100-TPA3116 Mono configuration


MPAB2X50-TPA3116 Stereo configuration

Okay. Thank you very much, David.