Any tool to facilitate the disassemble the tunning element

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It would be great if you have a tool or something to separate the tunning elements (6926-17). Not a problem when you have 10, but when you are using 300+ it becomes a time consuming task.

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To verify, you would be looking for an item that helps remove these from the board?

Hello Robert,

I think I see your problem.

The screw head is just large enough to prevent a nut driver from being used to seat the tuning body into the microwave cavity. As I understand, the slug is captive in the body. The integrity of the RF-tight connection will likely be degraded if the slug is removed.

Regretfully, I don’t anticipate there is a simple (time saving) solution. But then again, I am continually surprised by the readers of this forum.

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I guess we would have to deal with it.

Thank you for the fast response.


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