Appearance Issues with Amphenol's U77 Series Connector Dust Caps (Covers)

Sometimes you may find that some of the U77 Series Connector Dust Caps (Covers) from Amphenol have powder or white stains on the surface of the actual part.

For example, the part number U77-1140-8020P:
For reference, check this photo:


Amphenol confirms that the “white material” on the dust cover is fire-retardant separate out. It doesn’t impact function. Please kindly refer to below, from Amphenol:

“This dust cover is fireproof and flame retardants are added to plastics during production.
The flame retardants dissolve out from plastics naturally causing the whitish condition.
The verification from the vendor shows that the flame retardants start to dissolve about 3 months out of storage.
High Temperature and Humidity can make it worse, but the vacuum package can help to extend storage time.
Because this material is very special, we control the remaining time of less than 4 Hours in the process.
We also suggest to the customer to keep the vacuum package for the balance.
This powder is very subtle and only a small amount, you can’t even see it without the dust cover and it will not affect the connector.
Unfortunately, this is a technical problem and there is no substitute material at present. Except to change the base material.”

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