Arm Cortex M-85 with Ethos U-55 NPU Pairing - Dev Kits?


I see that Arm has the Ethos-U55 NPU to be released soon in combination with its Cortex M-85 MCU as a pairing:

Does anyone know if there are any embedded development kits coming down the pipe for the pairing with the Cortex M-85 + the Ethos-U55 NPU?

Thanks - AH

Hi @CodingInGreen ,

Thank you for reaching DigiKey TechForum. Our product managers are currently not aware of dev kits for these.

Combining Cortex-M85 with Ethos-U55 can deliver a multi-fold uplift in scalar, DSP and ML performance over previous generation Cortex-M processors. Corstone-310 provides the fastest way to incorporate Cortex-M85 and Ethos-U55 into a secure System-on-Chip (SoC). The Corstone-310 reference package contains a configurable subsystem and system IP to enable faster and lower risk development of secure SoCs. Corstone-310 is designed for IoT and endpoint AI applications, such as audio classification and voice recognition. Corstone-310 is available in Arm Total Solutions for IoT, which combines specialized processing capabilities with advanced software and tooling to address specific IoT use cases. Cortex-M55, -M85, and I believe -M52 are all designed to be paired with Arm’s Ethos-U55 also.

Reference/supporting documents: