Ask for the software to do the schematic simulation


Help is needed here about simulation.

I have schematic attached .What software can I use to do the simulation to evaluate the performance?


For this kind of part normally you’d use whatever models the manufacturer has made available for the part.

I checked Analog Devices page for the AD8195 Here

I don’t see a SPICE Model available for this part.

Doublechecking Analog Devices collection of SPICE simulation models Here confirms they do not have a SPICE model for AD8195.

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No, they do not have a SPICE model for AD8195.

(Is there a replacement model?


Simulation models generally aren’t offered for most devices that exceed a certain level of complexity, because it’s too difficult to model accurately and measurements on physical devices are necessary to validate the results of the simulation anyway. Simply skipping straight to measurements on real hardware saves time and effort in those cases.

AD8195-EVALZ is the part number for the evaluation board made for this purpose.

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