Schematic design of a video booster


Help is needed here.

With the IC of ADV3003 (HDMI/DVI TMDS Equalizer), what is the schematic design looks like?


  1. Two ports. One port is responsible for HDMI input. Another port is responsible for HDMI output.
  2. The power supply is 3.3v

Thanks in advance!!

Hello David02,

I did not find a schematic design on the datasheet. Hopefully one of the Engineers on the TechForum can offer their assistance on this.

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According to this post from Analog Devices ADI EngineerZone the ADV3003 is the same part as AD8195 with some minor improvements so the schematic for AD8195 can be referenced when using this.

These parts do have an evaluation board available but I don’t see that Analog Devices has User Guides publically available for them. You’d want to ask if they can share them.

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Thank you Kristof_2649!!


Hi Krsitof,

Do you have part number for the EDID EEPROM in the schematic?


I checked Analog Devices, I don’t see that they have documentation public for the EVAL-AD8195 to see if they have an EEPROM included on that board with a part number.

I need to know the part number of the EDID EEPROM anyway.


To support this you’ll want to check with Analog Devices Engineer Zone for Video Devices, Here