Atmel ice with microcontroller

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We had purchase an Atmel ice with a microcontroller. I am trying to program it to do a 2 minute countdown timer display which will be triggered by a pressure sensor. I believe it’s program in C++ mode, do you have any advices on how should I proceed?

The Atmel Ice you should be able to program using the Atmel Studio. There is more info on page 53 of the data sheet. Here is a link.

As far as the function it seems fairly straight forward. The sensor being either an analog or digital input depending on the sensor and when that input hits a desired value it will trigger the countdown. You should then display the time value on the display you are using.

If you have questions on specific parts please list the part numbers. If you have questions on getting started with the Atmel Studio I can also get some links as well.

Thank you

Which microcontroller and lcd are you planning to utilize?

Here is one possible example:


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