Attaching Ribbon to Circuit Board

I am working on an old automotive radio and need some help. The ribbon attaching the faceplate circuit board to the radio’s main circuit board has detached. Is there anything I can use to clean and adhere the ribbon to the circuit board?

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Here is a good instruction to follow Click here

Also use low temp solder like

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Another option would be a conductive epoxy like 473-8331D-14G-ND | CW2460-ND. Since these may be out of your price range, a conductive paint like CP1-5S-ND might work as well in conjunction with some hot glue to hold it down after it is cured, as paint on its own isn’t meant to be used for structural integrity like an epoxy.

I’d be tempted to solder some 30AWG Kynar wire wrap jumpers between the FFC and PCB.

If you’re not familiar with cutting/stripping wire wrap and surface tack soldering to an FFC & PCB, it probably won’t go well.