Automotive power connector help

I have a '90 Ferrari Testarossa which is in need of some new connectors.
Attached is the current 4 pin circular connector.
I would like to replace it with a Mil-spec or similar style that is weather resistant.
it appears to be a 4 pin, 14s (30mm or 1.18") mounting plate.
I would like to use a female socket with the square plate and a male pin, screw in, 90 degree elbow.
The current design pulls downward on the connection and is a very poor design which has worn the connections significantly.
I was thinking something like these:
Opt 1
Opt 2 with elbow


A C90-3102R14S-6P and MS3108R14S-6S might get the job done.

Not exactly what you’re after, but product availability is not great these days; a bit of flexibility may help you find a mating pair before 2023 at a price that makes it attractive to replace the connector instead of the car.

Thanks, incredible info!
I will give it a shot.