Barrier Block Wire Entry vs. Number of Circuits

In the category Terminal Blocks - Barrier Blocks we use two terms two describe how many positions are available for wires to connect to. Here is a partial screenshot of the specifications I’m talking about:


There have been instances where terminologies have been mixed up, so I just wanted to make it clear when going through this category.

The number of wire entries simply means how many total possible individual, physical entries a wire can attach to per circuit.

The number of circuits simply means how many individuals, isolated contacts there are in one barrier block.

Let’s take a look at parts we carry with the same number of circuits, but one has double the entries as an example. Part number 8PCV-04-006; Digi-Key part number A98462-ND has 4 entries and 4 circuits, while part number 1546306-4; Digi-Key part number A98505-ND has 8 entries and 4 circuits.

I have added a visual below to show how the terminology matches the description.

Here is the four circuit, four entry visual:

Here is the four circuit, eight entry visual:

The red numbers are the “circuits” while the blue numbers are the “entries”. There isn’t any “set order”, I just picked left to right arbitrarily. This should clear up the difference between the terminologies in this category.