BBB: About selecting LCD

I want to use LCD Display with Beaglebone Black.
BBB has pins on P8 connector for LCD
From pin number 27 (LCD_VSYNC) to pin number 46 (LCD_DATA1)
I want to know what interface those pins are for the LCD.
so I can choose the same LCD with that interface.

I think the interface is not HDMI or DVI.
Can you let me know the interface name?


The TI LCD interface on the am335x used on the BeagleBone Black, is highly configurable… For the BBB, there are two common designs, using 16bit or 24bit RGB based panels…

TI advertises it as:

LCD Controller
– Up to 24-Bit Data Output; 8 Bits per Pixel
– Resolution up to 2048 × 2048 (With
Maximum 126-MHz Pixel Clock)
– Integrated LCD Interface Display Driver
(LIDD) Controller
– Integrated Raster Controller
– Integrated DMA Engine to Pull Data from the
External Frame Buffer Without Burdening the
Processor via Interrupts or a Firmware Timer
– 512-Word Deep Internal FIFO
– Supported Display Types:
– Character Displays - Uses LIDD Controller
to Program these Displays
– Passive Matrix LCD Displays - Uses LCD
Raster Display Controller to Provide
Timing and Data for Constant Graphics
Refresh to a Passive Display
– Active Matrix LCD Displays - Uses
External Frame Buffer Space and the
Internal DMA Engine

Take a look at the design files here for one example, you’ll see the panel is connected directly to the header…