Best Caps and Diodes For This Power Board

Hey gang. This is my first soldering job so I apologize in advance for any stupid questions. Can anyone tell me the best Caps, diodes and maybe even resisters I should buy to replace the items on this power board?

Welcome to the TechForum. Sorry no I cannot tell you the best parts. We can help you find parts but You have to research your project requirements. The photo you show has the information needed to find a cap the 35v, 1000uF, 85C we have part 732-8747-1-ND in stock.

I’d use these in-stock parts based on being appropriate for a simple, last century design, +/-24V power supply and most visually similar:
Resistors :

For the capacitors you’ll need to measure the lead spacing, diameter and height of the ones in the picture and then make a choice from this search of electrically appropriate parts.