Bose Soundlink III replacement 3.5mm audio port

As you may know how companies are in terms of self-servicing. That’s why I’m here. My neighbor is very simple and all she wants is to replace the aux port due to the CAT vs Speaker war. We could just use Bluetooth but she has difficulty using it ask it keeps disconnecting due to interference from the old lights and old gadgets around, hence the use of the aux port.

And it would be a waste to not repair it.

Here are some pictures of this aux port, the original audio jack has 3 contact sections. It has 7 connections to the board. It also has two alignment bumps, about 6-7mm apart. The two parts that fell out is a flat metal piece and the chunk of the frame.

Thanks for looking into this, I hope to be able to replace the port.

Hello Bao,

Thank you for your question.

I looked through our system for a replacement for that audio port and I was able to narrow down our selection to a certain point.

The tricky part with something like that is more than likely that particular audio port is going to be proprietary for Bose. Here is a link to our options that are the closest to that part. I cannot promise that any of these will be a drop-in replacement.

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Thanks for that, I found this in the bunch that looked similar. I’ve always wondered why do audio jack has 3 connectors and the board has 7 sodering points? Do they all have to be connected?

I hope it fits, I had just removed the connector and it was almost impossible to identify the connections because all the contacts were smashed and in the wrong area.

It worked! all the pin I bent down from the aux port and lined up, I soldered those. If it doesn’t line up just cut them off because you only need a few of them to be soldered.