Grounding question for stereo jack

Hi, I ordered a stereo jack part 839-54-00172-ND. It’s a TRS audio jack I’m intending to use for stereo audio. It has two terminals for the left and right audio, but now terminal to solder a ground wire to. Am I missing something?

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If you check the manufacturer’s drawing, here: 54-00172.pdf, you should see a diagram in the lower-right corner showing three different solder attachment points labeled 1, 2, and 3, and corresponding to A, B, and C on the barrel. I know the third solder point on these jacks can sometimes be way smaller than the other two and a bit difficult to spot, but hopefully the drawing can give you enough clues to find it.

Hi, thanks for the pdf. That’s helpful. Spot 3 is a hole in plastic, while 1 & 2 are posts to solder to. I guess I’m surprised at how difficult it will be to solder to that. I suppose I can tin the wire, insert it quickly and see if grabs. The schematic shows the outer part is part of the shield as well, but that’s polished in a way I don’t think it will accept solder.

I was expecting something more like the following for a ground:

Sorry if this is a silly question, I’m more of a DIYer, not formally trained. Is inserting a pre-tinned wire in that 3 spot the best plan?

Hello @TimH,

That is a pretty rare connection configuration. I am guessing a connector like this was designed for a certain niche application from the manufacturer. Below are a few other options that may be a better fit, but you will want to review the datasheets to verify they have the desired connections.

Thanks, I’ll look into those options

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The data sheet clearly shows the nickel plated sleeve as the connection point. So I’d give it a try.

Assuming the component designers did their job correctly, the nickel plating will be very lead solder compatible. If you want to use lead free solder it will be harder to make a good solder joint.

It used to be common in the 1960s to 80s to find test connections with bright smooth nickel plating that accepted lead solder beautifully. e.g. binding posts, banana jacks/plugs, pin probes