Bugatti Veyron LCD for HVAC dash display

We have need to replace the LED backlit LCD display in a 2008 Bugatti Veyron . Bugatti wants $17,000.00 for a replacement. We think we can do it for less. ( maybe) HA! Maybe not. Only the display screen itself is compromised, as the graphics appear correctly behind several leaking cells that have blead into each other over time. The unit was manufactured in Japan by Hosiden Electronics, with current discontinued status. It is a 24 x 46 pixel array with a diagonal measured screen 37.5mm. It uses a Zebra tape for conductivity.
We suspect that Bugatti, a division of VW- likely made these to fit other VW products of this 2008 era. Yet, Hosiden’s intellectual property contractual obligations will not allow sharing of anything around the part. Part number HLM 7854 6329-90 appears nowhere on the net exactly. Yet the prefix does indicate made by Hosiden. We are looking to-- at least- find a 24 x 46 cell LCD, and deal with an interface micro connectivity conversion as needed.


In terms of a display that we have on-hand, I am not currently seeing an option that would exactly match the information you gave.
These options were found as most similar in diagonal size.
But none found for the 24x46 requirement.

Thank you for your kind reply, Nathan. All current technology that you offer are color, and are far too sophisticated for our “Ancient” larger pixel size device. We have called many manufactures, and all say that they are never returning to “The Past” . In reviewing the pinouts on the tapes for your on-hand parts, I can see that likely- it is the tower of babble- regarding standardization of Zebra tape arrangements of Inputs , power, and framing. So, quite a MacGyver in thinking of combining cell activations to offer lower resolution of a higher pixel count to approximate our tic-tack board. So, this part will fade out of the vehicle’s list of operational components- just like parts for the B1 bomber. I am thinking instead of a small smiley face emoji sticker with a pixelated black eye to stick onto the leaky screen. We have been searching for about 60 days to no avail. Our only option now is to find the make, model, and year of other VW based vehicles that used this LCD, and find a functional used unit- maybe. This is a huge search. Few even know. Fewer care. However, like the lotto, there is a huge pay out with the correct ticket! We are still on it! Thank You, JIm Simpson, ODD Parts Fabrication.

this is for display drive selector and odometer?

Hi oddparts,

Unfortunately, displays like those in automobiles are almost always custom (or bespoke, if you prefer) designs. I believe they are relatively cheap to make, on a per unit basis, but the design, set-up, and tooling costs are significant, which means very large minimum order quantities for those who desire to have one fabricated. Production lines for LCD’s are generally not designed for low volumes.

As I assume the number of units coming off the line in the Bugatti factory is pretty limited, it would make sense that they would try to source multi-use parts with a Volkswagen, or other VW-owned brands, such as Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, or SEAT whenever possible, and this display would seem to be a prime candidate for that, as it is not a critical “performance” or “style” related item. However, you would know better than me as to whether this is actually the case here.

You may have done this already, but it might be worth a try looking at images of various models’ dashboards via Google to see if any look similar. That would at least knock down the number of possibilities to investigate further. Obviously, one should focus on the high-production volume models first, as they would likely be the easiest to locate in auto salvage lots.

As a last resort, if you could find just the right person, it is conceivably possible to hack and decode the interface to the LCD, and then design a decoder board which would translate the data into something which could be displayed on a standard LCD. Then one would affix an LCD of slightly larger dimensions behind the panel and only use the pixels located within the visible area to display the data. Assuming one could find such a person, it may actually cost somewhere in the same range as your Bugatti quote, if not more, because of the expertise and time required to accomplish something like this. And, the likelihood of success with this approach is still quite low.