CAM Processor file

I am using EAGLE and I am at the stage that need to do CAM processor. What CAM processor file I need to use if I want to send my board to DK RED? Do I need to use any especial CAM Processor file or I can just use 2 Layer Templet which is available on EAGLE?


I’m not sure what version of EAGLE you’re using or how it might differ from my stone-age license, but the default 2-layer should get you pretty close IIRC. (I haven’t used it in years…) It’s just saving settings in the CAM utility and you may want to change those anyway, so it’s worth taking a few minutes to figure that out.

RS274-X formats for geometry (copper, masks, silk, etc) and Excellon formats for drill files are pretty common and should be accepted by the DKRed tool; the file extensions shouldn’t matter all that much aside from maybe saving a few seconds of effort in clarifying layer assignments during the upload process.

This is the Cam file I use with Eagle 7.7 for DKRed.
An outline gerber is generated from the Measures layer which should only have the board outline and nothing else, There are other and possibly better ways to do this but this is the way things evolved from traditional board houses to working with DKRed.

LEPGERBER274X[dkRED].cam (10.9 KB)

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Another datapoint: Eagle 9.6.2/fusion360 2-layer default seems to work for me.