Can a Pressure Sensor be Washed?

Pressure sensors like part number MPXV6115VC6U-ND have a certain cleaning process. The information below has been acquired from one of our suppliers, NXP USA Inc:

"Cleaning/Wash process is different with pressure sensors because the diaphragm (gel) inside the device. Our Quality Engineers do not recommend cleaning these devices. However, if you need to clean the device, you can clean the outside case of device with some paper or swab with alcohol or de-ionized water. But any cleaner (soap or similar) that enters the pressure sensor opening may have adverse effects on the device.
Sealing the access hole on the part with kapton tape is absolutely recommended or you can also plug the sensors with a cap before cleaning.

Caps can be found via the following supplier:
Many customers have gone to no clean operations or spray clean in a direction where the spray is not directly going into the sensor hole."

With this information, you can now begin the cleaning process for pressure sensors of all variations. The main thing to keep out of contact is the sensor hole where it can possibly be damaged if the directions are not followed above.

You can find the pressure sensors on our website here: Pressure Sensors.