Cannot Connect Two Identical System Blocks With a Straight Line


I tried to create the simplest block diagram using two Counters. Connecting one to the other with a line yields a curve and an end arrow is impossible to use.

The reason is the connection points are not lined up between left and right hand sides of the Counter and other symbols. Please can you correct these please?

Thank you.

Hello Kier,
Thank you for your patience and using the Digikey Tech Forum.

We will look into that issue for you.

Hello @kier,

Are you using a custom symbol or a symbol found in the System Blocks menu? If you are using the latter, there is an option to change the endpoints and line path of your connection in the line properties tab of the right menu. This is available when the line is selected.


Thanks Cody.

Here’s the original problem:

Your suggestion does improve the arrow orientation but I still don’t get a straight line plus I have to do this for every line I draw. The route cause remains.

Forgot to confirm that yes, I am using System Blocks.

Here’s the improved connection:

@kier Thanks for pointing this out, now I can see that the connection points are slightly offset. 2 workarounds you can use in the meantime:

  1. use the center yellow arrow. This will give you a straight connection from one to the other without utilizing the individual connection points.
  2. Flip one of the symbols horizontally. This can be done by right-clicking the symbol or by using the shortcut “H”. this will mirror the symbol and align the individual connection points.

Thanks @Cody_Walseth, I like the lateral thinking for workaround 2. Will do that for now thank you.