Cannot Group

I have used the Group command many times without incident. Today, it basically does not exist… Has it been removed??? It’s a very handy command… hope it has not been removed.

What program are you having problems with?

Hello @BOSUN

I am not sure I am familiar with the Group command. Is this when searching for parts on the Digi-Key site? I am going to need a bit more context to make sure I am looking at the same thing as you are.

Thank You

Thanks for reaching out… I closed out of the drawing, brought it back up, and everything worked fine.

The GROUP command is extremely helpful… lets you make really nice composite sub-systems without having to go out to the custom component section.

Thanks again,



I was having problems with Scheme-it. However, I closed out of the drawing, re-opened it, and everything was OK… It was a rather involved drawing, so it may have just been some sort of system glitch… working fine now.

Gotta tell you… I LOVE the Scheme-it program. I use it for about 90% of my work… To be truthful, I prefer it to ORCAD… Scheme-it is simple, intuitive, and yields excellent results with almost no learning curve… It is an EXCELLENT product!!!