Can't find this mostfet

This is on an Alienware motherboard from a M17R2.


After doing some research into issues people have had with this MOSFET it appears that reaching out to either Alienware or Dell for customer support is the best option as there is not access to a crossing part number.

Hey Nicholas! Thanks for the reply. So, where did you find an abundance of folks having problems with this? I’d love to read there. I did find these, but I’d hate to wait all that time and have it not work out. I’m not sure what to tell the laptop owner. So you think maybe I could score some of these by calling dell/alienware tech support?


I found a handful of people talking about similar issues on reddit, google searches, etc. From what I saw the people who reached out to Alienware/Dell support ended up having to get their motherboard replaced. Your best bet would be reaching out to Alienware as this is their product.