Capacitor polarity

Trying to verify if this is a polarized cap or not, need an equivalent.
Thanks for any advice

The vast majority of capacitors of this type are polarized though a few exceptions do exist, with the Capxon NP series being among them.

Devices in stock with similar specifications can be found here. Selecting one with similar lead spacing to the device being replaced would be a good idea.

Thanks, just found the NP series on line. Thought NP meant Non polarized, did not think of it being a series designator. Now to find the best quality replacement with a better brand reputation. Thanks for the help.

I also need the tape used to transfer heat from mosfets to sink with electrical insulating properties, not sure what it’s called.

The 3M 8926 is an adhesive tape/sheet product we have on hand that may work. Please note that while it does have electrically insulating properties, the ability of any thin adhesive material of the sort to ensure electrical insulation from a heat sink is limited, due to the potential for burrs and such to poke through the material.

There are materials like polyimide films which are more robust as electrical insulators, but these tend to lack adhesive capability. Further explanation of thermal interface materials and their selection criteria can be found in this post.